How to boost your creativity

It’s totally awesome to be a front-end developer, back-end developer, full-stack developer, designer, creative mind, digital specialist, User Interface Specialist, User experience specialist, and all other kinds of digital professionals. However, just gathering the information is not enough, you need to go the extra mile.
Here is the stuff you need to do:

Apply for competitions
Competitions are interesting, and they make us think more outside the box. There are many challenges and problems in society that need solutions. If you are wondering, where you will get the funds to take part in the competitions to create prototypes be assured that most of these funding companies normally offer a reasonable amount for the user to use in the creation of the prototype.

This should not be an excuse. However, ensure you make an awesome application to be shortlisted. Master the art of applying and this will go a long way in helping you get what you desire.

The questions might seem easy, and you might apply them confidently thinking that it is a piece of cake. However, reality will hit you when you realize that your awesome idea hasn’t been shortlisted. There is a thing about words, how you use them, and the correct language to use. You should ensure that the users are your main priority and not just your technology, and show how it is beneficial and why it is a top-notch idea. I know you can all do that, I believe in you. 🙂

In this time and age, technology is greatly being embraced in solving problems. Thus, with your knowledge, you can easily create a simple thing that will help people greatly. In many ways, it will help reduce the communication, transmission system that may be an issue and ensure that the ground people get the right information at the right time. Try out as many competitions as possible; there is a lot of time you can spare.

Check out for problems in the society
We all need each other, that’s why it is important to create time to explore the outside world and just see issues. Let’s take the example of agriculture, we all know how important food security is, thus during a particular season you might find that farmers are greatly affected by pests that affect their crops; lowering their farm yields.

You may then realize that the reason for this is that they weren’t able to contact the right agricultural personnel at the right moment because they didn’t have access to their contacts. Just imagine if you have a platform in which you would help the farmers to access relevant information easily and this would help reduce the damage to the crops.

If you have an idea that can help solve a community menace you may easily get funding support to help bring your idea to reality.

Have as many ideas as possible
Creative minds get ideas easily and being one be assured that they will pop anytime into your mind. You need to have an idea notebook for this. This will ensure that you capture all the ideas that you have. This is also for future reference because at the moment you might not see the use of the idea, but as time goes by you will see the benefit of the idea.

You should also build on the ideas once you get complimentary ideas. Even when the idea doesn’t seem that promising, just jot it down for future reference.

Subscribe to many opportunity sites as possible.
There are many opportunity sites that you can subscribe to and get the latest new opportunities that you can apply to. These include:
Opportunity Desk,
Funds for NGOs
and ICT works; just to mention but a few.
With this, you will get regular updates and opportunities that have been posted easily. You may then evaluate them and see the one that suits your preference. Regular email updates are normally sent to so be alert when checking your mail.

Travel more
I know! I know! I know! This is some sort difficult to do, but trust me it’s easy. Maybe there might be obstacles here and there, but when you get the opportunity, be sure to travel and explore. If you just stick to your city you might never realize what is working in other cities and not yours. You may borrow an idea or two and also remember it’s not just a learning phase, but also a time to relax your mind.

Have a ready team
This won’t apply to everyone, but it can apply to some of you. An opportunity might come up, and you will need some people with different expertise, it will be so frustrating if you don’t have anyone in mind.

However, you may try to have one or two people who you can easily call on when there is an idea that needs to be implemented. This can also be the team that you use when applying for competitions and all that. It can be a professional team (company) or just your awesome friends that you have a lot of similarities with. Go! Go! Team.

I hope by reading this, you have gathered some information that you will put into practice. It is also important to do as much research as possible to ensure nothing surpasses you.

You should always be a step ahead to ensure that all works out. Just ensure you go out of your comfort zone and try your luck, you never know where it will get you. If you have any issues, just consult me, I am ready to help.
All the best! 🙂



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