Online platforms that are effective for skill building

Did you know that it is possible to train your employees, partners, and customers easily? Not only that, but you can also be able to create informative online courses and sell them.

Acquiring new skills is important and helps us be better at performing tasks. Hence, with the right platforms, you can make this a reality. In this article, I will help make it easier for you to get the best platform you can use to train your employees, partners, students, or fellow entrepreneurs. 

Learn Worlds

Typically learn worlds is an online training platform that is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. It will definitely save you the hustle of having to worry about the best technology you can use to make online learning easier. You don’t have to worry about making huge investments to ensure your target audience gets access to the online course.

All about Learn Worlds Pages: It features a modular page builder that you can use to create the user interface of your online course. Hence, you choose the display you want and the color combination.

Communication: There is also community, networking features, and direct messages capabilities for easy communication. Hence, no worries about how you will interact with your trainees.

Certificates: Not only are you able to offer training and courses, but also certificates once one has completed a learning path.  However, a certificate can only be issued after assessment.

Sell courses: There is the capability of membership, course bundles, and selling the bundles. Thereby, your beneficiaries can sign up with a subscription for the specific need.

Third-party tools: Learn Worlds is integrated with thousands of third-party tools that are essential for the course development.

E-learning solutions: It serves both a few dozens of students and tens of thousands of audiences. Hence, even if you are a corporation looking to build an employee training portal, you can never go wrong. There is a diverse amount of e-learning tools you can use

Pricing and plans:

There are four options the starter plan that starts at $24, Pro trainer at $79, Learning center at $249, and High volume and corporate. You can get more details here:

Here is what you get:

Beautiful templates, page builders, magic templates, interactive video, a website with blog, built-in social network, customizable course player, and multiple payment methods, Learn Worlds has been in existence for a while and this has led to its great reputation.

You can never go wrong with this amazing skill-building platform. Also, if you are planning to switch careers and want to acquire better tech skills there are amazing platforms for the same.