1. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is among the fastest types of online marketing that drive traffic to websites. The main objective of Pay Per Click is to turn website viewers into customers by redirection. The websites that use PPC normally display advertisements based on the advertiser’s keywords.

It works this way, a certain ad is used and when clicked, sends the person to the target web page. It is done by affiliates who advertise using their websites and work as online salespeople to convince people to buy. If you have a print-on-demand store, you can use the Pay per click advertising to promote your website.

They are normally in the form of product listings, video advertisements, or sponsored stories on social media sites.

2. Video Marketing

This type of internet marketing entails using videos or commercials to advertise products and services. It doesn’t have to be direct or business-oriented; you can imprint humor into the video. However, you should also consider the target audience and what they can enjoy.

When trying video marketing, be straightforward and direct. You can use YouTube to post your video which you can share through your social media sites.

This is one of the best types of internet marketing that everyone should look forward to using. Another merit of videos is that you can post them on your websites and make the customers get elaborate information. For example, “How to use…”

3. Blogging

Many people have blogs nowadays where they post articles, videos, personal experiences, news, advertisements, and provide information on many things. Blogs are mainly meant to bring the targeted audience to a certain website, or online store, and give information to people through the content there.

In posts, there are keywords, sub-keywords, tags, links, and categories that are normally used to rank the site in search engines.

4. Social Media Marketing

This is another form of internet marketing that entails the use of social media sites to promote certain services, products, advertisements, videos, and audio. Over time, research has shown that many people spend a lot of time on social media sites than on other platforms.

Popular social media sites include; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, forums, Twitter, Google+, and many other sites. People you associate with get to share with their acquaintances thus providing a larger marketing space.

However, social media marketing requires one to first listen to people, come up with a solution, and share what is created by the individuals. It can’t be logical to make or write something that people will find a very nuisance. As a social marketer, you should also know all the news updates, trends, and crises in the market.

Make a plan and follow it to the end, before engaging in social media marketing,


5. Email Marketing

This is another type of online marketing that embraces communication via emails sent to individuals. It is among the most effective types of online marketing in terms of sales. Most email marketers treat their subscribers very well compared to non-subscribers. Subscribers get information before everyone else and they tend to be the first priority.

If you create email marketing programs for each stage it will help in deepening customer loyalty and increasing sales. Through email marketing, you can advertise your services and products to various individuals. Luckily enough, you can get feedback from certain customers and this helps you to know what strategies to use instead.

However, much email marketing is a good form of marketing, the emails can be sent to the spam box if they violate certain email laws. It is vital in building relationships between customers and companies; this is why on most websites, there is usually a subscriber box to enter your email details.


6. Networking

Network marketing and social media marketing share many similarities, but network marketing is deeper. A network marketer normally has a specific audience that they approach unlike in social media where everyone is part of the audience.

The network marketer builds a relationship with influential people and increases the network. In this way, many connections are made and interests are shared on the network. A marketer must be active on various forums, comment on blog posts, take part in emailing the networks, and can even organize meetups if they are organized.

However, a network marketer must take caution before posting anything with the intention of it going viral. The content must be good and useful to the intended audience to meet all their interests. Most business owners tend to use networks to gather leads and referrals.

7. Community Building

This entails making people get a sense of belonging and share ideas. In most communities, people have the same interests, share problems encountered, and find solutions to the issues.

The users should have a platform where they can engage in a conversation. As the community manager, you may decide to choose if guests can be able to access the conversations or not. Community building helps enhance brand loyalty, builds relationships, interactions, and also feedbacks are gotten. There must be trust in the community to make it successful.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps web pages to rank higher in search results and establish an online presence for websites. This makes it more visible to the target audience and increases traffic to a certain website. The ranking is normally done according to specific keywords, backlinks from other websites, optimized content (images, title, links, and article), and menus.

Social Media sites are used to rank web pages, because links sent may have certain words that refer back to the website. As more people click, like, or retweet on Twitter, it increases traffic, making the search engines aware.

9. User Experience Branding

The user experience is very important; if you have a website you should make it easy to navigate as much as possible. You should put yourself in the shoes of your audience. For example, if you have used conflicting colors on your website, do you think people will stick to your website or even ever come back to it?

That is why there is a need to have a user experience, branding, and professional who will tell you dos and don’ts of your website. If people come to your website and find it amazing, they will easily share it with others via social media sites, and it will drive more traffic and sales. This is very vital in internet marketing, gone are the days when websites were made just because of their beauty, but nowadays, everything matters.

Give your audience the best user experience, and by this, you will perfect the website. Web development and user interface somehow go hand in hand. People judge companies from their websites and the kind of experience they will get from what they see.

 10. Content Marketing

This entails sharing content, discussions, generating leads, and making sales. At first, the target content must be exposed broadly and be properly optimized together with the links and images used. This will ensure the content is easily visible in the search engines. Apart from that, it can be shared on various platforms. For content marketing to be successful, the channels used should be convenient for everyone.

The discussions are important as people engage in a conversation where they say what they want. In this way, awareness is created and if what you are offering solves their problem, it will definitely generate leads and sales

11. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing entails promoting services and products of other people on their behalf. If the product is bought using your affiliate link redirection a commission is granted.

There are many affiliate programs with different rules and regulations. Not everyone can become an affiliate, one must qualify and have certain requirements such as a blog or active social media accounts. Provided the advertising is done in the right way, the company doesn’t really require much.

In order to be an awesome affiliate marketer, you have to be patient and go out of your way to promote the products. Most people prefer having websites where they can write posts about the products or services and then have the advertisements on the sidebars. Affiliate marketing is among the best forms of internet marketing that you should try out.




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