Writing a good blog post

1)      Plan what you want to write.

Plan: Have enough thoughts on specific topics you want to talk about. What specific thing do I want to showcase to the world?  How will I make my content be outstanding? Should I add some bit of humor to make it fascinating? What steps should I take? In addition, strive to think outside the box.

2)      Have a structure of your blog post

A clear structure entails having a proper introduction (persuading enough to make the reader want to learn more)

Body – carrying the main message that is straight to the point

A summary is written in the conclusion section outlining important ideas, focused on the body content.

3)      Have a fascinating Headline

The headline should be spicy, to persuade your audience to read more and search for more posts in your blog. This can also entice them to subscribe to your blog. Eye-catching headlines make the post seem juicy. The headline may seem like an invitation to say either yes or no. For effective headlines, one should consider:

  • Making the headline spicy, short and straight to the point.
  • Can be in a form of a question.
  • Giving them the satisfaction of their needs and query
  • Use number values in your headlines (gives a broader picture to the reader)

4)      Use Headings

Headings and subheadings are important when it comes to posts and articles and should include keywords. The headings help the search engine and Google to see that specific post and increase its rank and thus reach the required readers. Headings also structure the entire page.

Many times when a visitor sees a post, they go through it (skim) to determine if it has hit the nail on the head or not. Subheadings help people to briefly understand the content of the text. You should also consider using tables, graphs, infographics, and charts to break the monotony of plain text. Texting styles like bold, block quotes, and italic fonts increase the liveliness of the blog post.

5)      Mouth-watering introduction

The introduction tends to act as the “welcome”. Your content should be persuasive enough to entice a reader to want to read more. The introduction of the content should be brief and straight to the point, to prevent the reader from being irritated. Remember to use words that are friendly, so as not to invite critics.

6)      Use relevant paragraphs

The paragraphs used should be relevant to the main subject. Paragraphs tend to tell more of a new idea that is different from the one written about in the previous paragraph or a continuation. Don’t just start paragraphs because you feel like it, instead have well-elaborated ideas.

7)      Use Images

Images break the monotony of plain texts and increase the colorfulness of text and satisfy different kinds of audiences. After seeing an image one can get excited about the content of the post. Therefore, to reduce image stretch, use the right pixels of the images. In the case of services being offered, the kind of image used should showcase the quality of the brand you are advertising.

8)      Have high-quality content

The general content one writes should be high quality, one that makes sense and gives the reader satisfaction with his/her query. A writer should use simple language for easy understanding of their audience. Minimize use of the complex vocabulary. We all want to read a flowing text and get the main idea, rather than looking for the idea.


9)      The length of your content

The length depends on the kind of information one has, the content should be balanced to give the reader what he/she wants. If you have much content write all of it, but if you have less content exhaust all of it. Don’t be too wordy and avoid much repetition, because it can easily irritate the reader and lead to boredom. Quality is more important than quantity.

10)  Use transition words.

These are the words that will help the reader to follow the direction of the thoughts of the writer. They can be said to be signposts on the road that guide a driver on where to head. Thus, the use of such words as indeed or finally, tend to make the reader grasp the main idea quickly. Transitional words are essential for the structuring of text.

11)  Let someone read your post before publishing

Grammar is vital because spelling mistakes can send away interested visitors. There are certain mistakes writers tend to make while typing, certain dos and don’ts that you might not be aware of, but after listening to someone else’s view you can be able to rectify the mistake. Therefore, another person’s view can show whether the main idea is recognizable or not.

12)  Article optimization

The longer a post, the more it ranks higher in the search engines. However, optimization of search terms and keywords should appear in 2% of the text. In addition, the more detailed an article is, the more it ranks higher.

13)  Have a link to previous content

This applies to instances in which you might have written an earlier post that co-relates to the current post. In this case, you can have a link to the related article. It proves the familiarity of someone with that specific topic. This makes the reader be confident about what he/she is reading.

14)  Regularly add content.

A blog needs to be active and this can only be achieved if a writer tends to publish new articles and posts often. If a site becomes dormant, it ranks lower.



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