Joomla Website development - Intela Designs

Joomla is an open-source CMS, meaning that it is free and can easily be downloaded and installed. You can easily create a website with Joomla and it will run smoothly. At Intela Designs we can help you customize your Joomla site to reach your desired needs. We will work together to plan and strategize on the dream website you desire. We will also help you add extensions that will add functionality to your website.

Advantages of Joomla

  • Cost-effective and stable
  • Has numerous numbers of templates, modules, extensions, and plugins.
  • Can be used to make eCommerce websites
  • It is supported by a community of designers and developers
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy uploading of media
  • Numerous extensions (contact forms, portfolio modules, slideshows, download modules, blog modules, image modules, eCommerce extension)

What Joomla can be used to build/create?

  • E-commerce websites
  • Community, school, and church websites
  • Corporate intranets, extranets, portals, and websites 
  •  Small and large business websites
  • The company, personal, family, or institutions’ websites  
  • Blogs for magazines, newspapers, publications, and personal websites
  • Organizations and Non-profit websites
  • Some web applications

When we create a Joomla Website for you, we will also provide training and support on how to handle the site and various ways to maintain and update data. We work closely with our clients and establish a good relationship to ensure no misunderstanding develops in the way.

In addition, not only do we work on the website, but also on the content on your site. This is to ensure that the site will be visible for ranking by the search engines. Feel free to talk to us