Website design and development

A website is a platform where you can showcase what your business or company offers to the world. That’s why over the year website usage has increased by a large percentage.

With Content Management Systems, you can easily update your content and not necessarily need a professional for that. Even with the evolving software that enables one to create a website within a very short period. For instance

Intela Designs website services include;

  • Creating: Responsive websites
  • Content Management System websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Blog websites
  • Integration of certain extensions and plugins
  • Offer web solutions on how to handle certain problems
  • Redesign and Website maintenance
  • Front-end and Back-end development
  • Search Engine Optimization of your content and graphics
  • Browser compatibility and Website Testing
  • Hosting and Domain Registration

Steps we take:

1.      Plan – By using the information given by our clients and strategizing on how to make it a reality

2.      Design – Create a practical website.

3.      Build – We develop and construct making sure all the functionalities are working

4.      Testing – We test if the website is working as it should be.

5.      Launch – After verifying that it is functional and meets our client’s needs.

6.      Support – We offer support for any more inquiries or updates concerning the website

Together with the services we offer, we also provide support and additional information on how to handle your website. This applies to individuals who would want to be independent. This will ensure your site functions as you desire.

If in need of a website, talk to us, and we will offer additional consultancy.