A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and offers services to multiple clients at a time. As a freelancer, you get to set your own working hours and decide to either work full time or part-time. Some types of services offered by freelancers include;

Marketing (Email marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media marketing)|


Writing (article, content, creative, writing posts)

•Translation                                                                                                      Image result for freelance images


•Designing (web design, graphic design, logo design, poster & brochure designs)

•Consultation services,

•Financial support,

Proofreading & editing articles

•Photography ( art)

•Video Editing

•Technical services

A freelancer has a lot of freedom in the sense that he/she controls how the work will be done, completed, and must be done after an agreement with the client. With the aspect of being a boss, a freelancer can either accept or decline an offer by a client and can say if the payment to be given is fair enough.

A freelancer can remain with one client for long or have multiple clients at a time; it depends on the density of the project.

Advantages of Freelancing

It is easy to start, you just have to find a good platform where you can register, create an amazing profile, include all your skills, and then proceed on to find clients that need your skills.

You get to choose your time schedule, and the type of work you want; if it is an ongoing project or a short project and client to work with.

It doesn’t require a lot of effort, you can start very fast. All you need to have is a skill, what you want, and your commitment/perseverance. At first, it is not easy to get a client, but after acquiring the experience clients will start looking for you.

You can do the work the way you see fit; the client tells you what he wants, but the quality of the work depends on you. Try and offer your best.

A few years back, physical employees were many, however, nowadays, employers prefer hiring freelancers. That is an advantage to you; upcoming freelancer, here is your chance. The world is changing and so is the mode of working.

There is no discrimination of where a freelancer comes from, clients choose freelancers according to their skills. However, some clients specify the location they want an applicant to be from.

If you have the skills, have an online presence like a website, blog, or LinkedIn profile that shows professionalism in your field.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

As a freelancer, you need to be ready for anything; there are times you will easily get hired, and other times you won’t.

If you send too many applications at the same time, you may face the challenge of managing multiple clients and projects.

You need to have good time management skills.

It may take a while to build a steady clientele.

For starters, the pay may be low, but with time it hikes as you become more experienced. Moreover, if you believe your service deserves better pay, you are free to propose new terms.

Online Freelancing platforms

List of Freelancing platforms



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