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In order to be a successful social media marketer, you need to be guided by some principles.

1)    Have a plan

A plan is essential if you want to prosper in anything. Set out the objectives, goals, and strategies that will guide you in the whole process. However much you remember things, just make sure you jot down all the essentials that you will use for reference.

2)    Know your niche

If you want to be a successful social media marketer, you need to know the niche in which you will specialize. This will lead you to know your target audience and reach your goals.

The target audience is determined by the kind of products or services that you are promoting. Make sure you also have a scope of the whole thing.

With all this in mind, you can then create a social media account for a specific purpose.

3)    Acquire followers in the right way

After creating the social media account, try and acquire followers in the right manner. You can do this by sharing information that is beneficial to people making them follow you.

Don’t make the mistake of buying followers or an account, it is unethical. You can’t be sure if this is the right audience for your products and services. It’s better to start from scratch by acquiring people you are 100% sure are interested, rather than bystanders.

4)    Listen to followers

Through social media accounts, you will be able to talk to your followers and give them the latest information on certain products and services. The account should only be used for professional purposes and not for sharing your personal life.

The followers will then give feedback on the products via the platform.

5)    Connections

If you want social media marketing to work for you, build relationships with your audience. Through creating rapport, you manage to build a network of faithful followers. High chances are that they will bring more people into the network willing to help promote the brand.

Strive to build relationships with other users in the same niche with an aim to help each other generate more traffic and grow. In order for any business to prosper, there is a need to have an online presence. This can be through a website, blog, online store, forum, or community. In this way, you will be in a better position to get more feedback and answer any queries brought forward.

You can also acquire collaborators who can even sponsor your products or hold an interview.

When you want to build a personal rapport with individual companies, make sure you introduce yourself first, then give them an opportunity to introduce themselves too. Then make sure you show genuine interest to gain their trust and then share your thoughts. This will seem like a two-way thing and many times normally leads to success.

For instance, on LinkedIn, you can use InMail to get in touch with people who are not in your network. On Gmail/ google + there are handouts that can be a platform to chat with people of the same niche.

6)    Have visual content

In addition to having written content, a visual image like an infographic can also help to pass the message as it should be. As per the research carried out, more people prefer short texts that pass the message faster than having to read a long text.

In Social media sites, you can easily add plenty of visuals that will be easily accessible. Make sure the logo of the products or services corresponds to it too. You should have a theme color that corresponds to any other online resources that you have.

7)    Use Attention-Grabbing headlines

If you want to make people interested in what you are offering,  the headline should be eye-catching and simple to understand. If you have a personal, social profile that you use to promote your company, make sure you have a great bio of yourself that will help in creating the first impression. Use a profile photo that is clear enough to gain trust that you are a real person.

However, make sure you provide enough details in the social media account about what you are promoting, and what you do, and not solely about you. In your bio, make sure you have a mission statement that adds to the level of professionalism. If the social media site allow the use of hashtags, make sure they are directly related to what you are marketing.

8)    Content

On most social media sites, there is an option of writing articles about any niche of interest. If you want to reach a larger audience, publishing content once in a while is a great option. Make sure that it won’t drift away from what you are promoting; you can also share quotes and backlinks that direct to the company’s blog.

Make sure you use clear images and eye-catching headlines and titles that will attract people to want to read. However, make sure you don’t disappoint them by writing shady content.

9)    Use videos

It is easy to create videos that showcase products or provide an overview of certain products. You can encrypt short videos on your social profile that are straight to the point and don’t load too slowly. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat offer the option of using live-streaming as a strategy to develop your brand.

10)                       Have a Business Page

You can easily create a business page using Facebook or Google + to use as a tool for acquiring fans and people in your niche or industry. The business page allows one to engage with followers in conversations, provide resources, share collaborations or job openings, and provide links that will link back to your website.

Make sure that the content you provide on the company’s page is a conversion-focused to generate more traffic to the website.

11)                       Affiliate marketing and advertisements


If you have a large company that is thriving well, it is essential to have affiliates who will refer people back to your business. However, this is essential when you have a large audience and many customers. If you have a startup that hasn’t laid a proper foundation you don’t need to invest in affiliates till the right time.

In addition, to carrying out affiliate marketing, it is also essential to have customized advertisements that will help to promote the company.

12)                       Etiquette

During reviews, some customers tend to be very rude and talk harshly. As a professional, you should know how to control your anger and respond in a polite manner. Even if there are complaints and queries, make sure you answer them as they should and don’t leave them pending.

Apart from social media marketing, you can also engage in other types of online marketing that can help you prosper.


It is also essential to link all your social media sites to your website, blog, or online store. This will also aid to acquire more followers who want to be part of the company.

Make sure that you improve your social media marketing skills to ensure that your products and services reach a greater audience.


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