How to be innovative and start your business

For starters, we are all born with a degree of creativity; for some, it is high while for others it is low. This is why some people tend to be more innovative than others and tend to invent things. Some people just make advancements to already existing inventions while some create their own, but the latter is rare.

Anyway, there are certain facts that each person needs to know about innovations:

1) There must be a gap.

The first step is realizing a gap that is there, this will easily prompt you to want to create something that will narrow the gap. For instance, you may realize a gap in the food industry; in the way, some restaurants operate and advertise their products. It may not seem serious at first, but once you note that it is in various places, it will prompt you to start something to harmonize it.

Now, that is what I am calling a gap; be it an app or a website, that is an innovation that you have made. Obviously, it is not the first, because many apps have already been created for such, but it is uniquely purposed for restaurants. The next step after finding a gap is the idea.

2) Finding an idea to fill in the gap.
Well, the 1st and 2nd steps can interchange, but the fact remains that they can’t do without each other. You may even have many ideas, but you need to find one that suits your preference. However, be cautious not to overthink, and take one step at a time while finding a solution.

It should be an idea that is possible and realistic. This is because; initially, you will have to use the resources that are readily available. Jot down as many ideas as possible to ensure that you can easily brainstorm even with a partner to find out the most suitable one.

3) Have a product map

This is essential for ensuring you don’t jump a step. It is simply an outline of the passage you will take in order to achieve your objective.

You should clearly outline:
What do you want to build?
How you will achieve that?
What are the resources at hand?
What will be the initial step and the preceding ones?

This will help you whenever you are stuck and want to get back on track. It will also act as a reference to know where you have reached. For instance, in creating an app, you need to come up with the theme colors, the options that will be there, the functions, and so on. You may first create one that relies on the internet and then proceed on to have a native one.

4) Gather resources/Have a team

You also need to gather resources that you will use in making your idea a reality. For this, you need to break down the various steps that you will take in creating the final product and assign a role to your team members. You may also decide to do it on your own, which is not bad, but ensure you do it to your best. If you don’t, you may engage someone with more expertise to help you in that. In this way, you will be able to create something that is good and beneficial to all.

5)Start and make your idea a reality.

Being innovative is as easy as that, it may seem hard, but it is not. You can even create a game with simple functions and release it to the market. The reception may not be high at the moment, but with time it will grow. In the case that you need funding be sure to find a company that is ready to invest in such an innovation. However, you need to be ready to give them a share of your product.

This is awesome because it will be an easy platform for you to promote your product using the already-established name.

Let’s all be innovative and try out as many things as possible. At first, you may feel like giving up when you release it to the public and the receptions aren’t high, but you should know that people start from the ground before they go up the ladder. Don’t give up! You never know who is watching and in the end, you will have helped society in a huge way.

All the best in your next innovation.


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