content management system

Content Management Systems have become popular over time. Without being a Website expert, you can easily adjust your website to suit your preference.

An increase in the use of mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and tablets, to access the internet has necessitated the need for responsive websites that fit on all devices. Most CMS platforms have themes and integration that ensure your site is responsive.

Non-responsive websites are inconvenient for users/visitors. Common CMS platforms are like WordPress, Sitecore, Typo 3, Joomla, and Drupal.

In the administration panel/dashboard is where most adjustments can be made;

  • Change of theme/template
  • Addition of extensions and modules
  • Addition of functionalities and plugins
  • Integration of any extensions; for example- eCommerce extension in Joomla or Woo commerce on WordPress
  • Add, edit or remove content
  • Add any graphics or images, or slideshows you may desire.
  • Using the right kind of CMS integration system leads you to be in full control and with a great deal of flexibility.

As an administrator, you get to decide who will have access to particular sections of the website; registered members, guests, or any visitor. If it is a company portal, as the administrator you can change the accessibility to ensure only concerned employees can view certain information.

CMS can also ensure 100% privacy if no one hacks the website. In the case of an E-commerce website, you can enable some certain plugins eg. PayPal to ensure transactions are made in the right manner. If it is a school portal… Have a section meant only for teachers… another only for parents and another for students.

If it is a full blogging site, WordPress is the right option to ensure success in your blog. Choosing the right CMS to use is not easy, and thus it necessitates doing enough research to know which path to take. We provide consultancy to help you choose the kind of platform to use that meets your various needs.

The services we offer:

  • Customization of your preferred theme
  • Optimization of your content
  • Maintenance, training, and support services
  • Front-end and back-end editing
  • CSS styling
  • Manage user accessibility details.

Before starting any project, we first inquire about all the company’s objectives and the kind of website functions they need.

Our role is to make your dream website a reality with ongoing support. Feel free to talk to us.