Updating failed in Wordpress

This is a recent issue that has come up due to updating WordPress to the recent version. The error prompts up when you try to publish a post or update it. Don’t, worry about that, there is a solution. This occurs due to the change of the editor from the past version to the block editor version. It is important to fix the updating failed errors on WordPress early enough before it completely paralyzes your website.

  • Update the plugins – (Total w3 cache plugin)

For starters, if you have a total w3 cache WordPress plugin, you need to update it first. Actually, update all plugins that you have to ensure they are up-to-date. Scroll to plugins -> all plugins and update.

Total w3 cache plugin is among the most commonly used on WordPress and if you haven’t installed it yet, please do so. While still on the plugins page, you need to click the settings button and empty the cache.

This greatly helps to clear any cache that is preventing the posts and pages to update.

  • Download/Activate classic block

You can go to the WordPress official page and download this “classic block” plugin and upload it to your site.

Plugins -> all plugins -> upload plugin ->

Alternatively, you may go to;

Plugins -> add new -> search for classic editor ->activate plugin

  • Settings page

After activating the classic editor, go to the settings page -> writing and check the classic editor option and save. Ensure the block editor option is not checked or the error will persist.

  • Go to the post

You may then go to where your post is, and you will note the change in the interface. The old version editor will have already been updated.

It will be much easier now to publish and update your post.


When trying to fix this error, ensure you have a strong internet connection that will ensure all the changes you make are implemented. All the best in your writing let’s share our knowledge. Also, if you are new to using WordPress, learn about how to use it.



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