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There are different kinds of colors; ranging from bright ones, average colors, and dull colors. If you have a website, you need to choose a good color theme that will correspond with the business you want to showcase. People easily notice the theme color when they open a webpage, and it creates the first impression.

  • Adobe CC

This tool is useful for all color scheming needs. It is easy to create a color palette by uploading an image and playing around with the color wheel to create the perfect color scheme. However, for this, it is important to have an Adobe ID for easy saving of the work. While in use, you can apply algorithmic rules to the palette or make changes manually. The interface is intuitive and mastering it will require a bit more time while in use.

  • Paletton

This color generator has the capability of exporting color schemes in a number of ways. They can be exported as color palettes in the form of HTML, CSS, and ACO files for (Photoshop). It can be used by anyone and is easy to use.

It has a couple of customization options that can help create an awesome color scheme. You can choose to use pre-defined options, or go freestyle and create a unique color palette. One of its unique features is the live samples of color schemes you create.

The tool can pull up a sample website design based on the palette, complete with artwork and animation. With different color options, you can choose the type that can suit your audience. The color palette can then be exported as CSS code and Swatch PNG.

  • Coolors

This color generator is easy to use and generates a color palette of 5 color swatches automatically. Another amazing thing about it is that they are the option of refining the suggestions. It also lets one export the color palette as Copic marker codes for your own use and illustrations. Graphic designers can easily find this handy.

It displays a full-screen color palette within a drag-and-drop interface from which one can edit each color, drag to change the order, and expand the colors for more options. It also allows one to lock the colors one prefers most and auto-generates options for other colors by use of the space bar. It is also possible to upload an image to use for inspiration, explore palettes and export the palettes.

  • Colourcode

It works well when working on a computer with a trackpad or graphics tablet. You just need to move the cursor across the screen until you find the color you want and then save it. This is ideal for website designers and illustrators.

  • Stylify Me

It is ideal for website designers and developers. It allows one to type in a URL of your choice and analyzes its color scheme. After this, it generates a complete color palette and a style sheet with relevant information. This includes image size, typography, and other various attributes. This can then be exported as CSS and other formats.

  • Material Palette

It is an awesome web app tool that can help anyone get a suitable color palette for any use. It is easy and quick to use and find perfect color schemes. It is good for designers using Google material design.

 It prompts you to select colors from a choice of 19 and then generates a palette of eight colors from your choice. In addition, it tends to create great color schemes and offers suggestions on the primary color, secondary color, and text colors.

  • ColoRotate

This advanced tool allows you to create palettes on a 3D color wheel. You can start from scratch, upload an image or use a palette from the community for inspiration. The design interface is fairly complex and may seem intimidating at first. It also offers a wide variety of color information to help in finding the right color scheme.

  • Mudcube color sphere

This color generator gives one ten different options for automatic color palette generation; from neutral to complementary to clashing colors. It requires one to select a base color, then chooses a generation rule and tweak to satisfy. It allows one to see a color scheme from the perspective of a color-blind viewer. The color palette can then be saved as an Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file.

  • ColRD

It is a color palette generator that has a wide variety of options to use. One of its best features is that it normally has a grid of 140 similar colors displayed next to the one currently being worked on. This ensures one doesn’t have to tweak through various control bars to find the perfect palette. Just like other color generators, it also allows you to upload an image, and has a wide community library of images with different color palettes. It makes you to easily visualize what you want.

  • Color Hexa – Color encyclopedia

Within its interface, you can generate palettes via various methods, including gradient generation, color blending, and color subtraction. You can also enter any color code and get its translations and suggestions basing on it. It is an awesome tool to use to learn more about color.

Other color generator software/applications include: ColorLovers, palettr, color blender Copaso, Colordot, colorfavs,  Palettable, Photocopa, pictaculous, , and cohesive colors. All these generators can help you get the right color scheme you need for your design.

I hope you will find this useful and try them out. This will help you get the right color combinations at all stages of your design process.

Have fun with colors.  🙂


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