How to get blog ideas

As a writer, we all face the problem of not having ideas to write on. This is completely normal, but how you handle the issue is what matters.

You need to:

· Be open-minded to grasp new ideas

· Research more

· Be current on new trends and technology

· Brainstorm with others

· Seek feedback from other people

· Try and relax your mind

· Expound on common topics

·Be persistent and patient

· Do things that will help increase your creativity capacity

Here are some things you can do to help you get more blog ideas-:

1) Interview

For this, you don’t really have to look for someone who is so famous. Just find someone who is experienced in your particular niche and interview him/her. Through that, you will be able to get more ideas, information, and inspiration.

Writing a specific article about the interview will be beneficial to your readers. This also makes your readers feel more engaged and trust your website more.

 2) Start a review section

People tend to trust a commodity, product, service, and website using reviews, testimonials, and feedback. Thus, if you have an online store with a blog in it, ensure you have a review section where customers can rate the items they have bought and give more details. However, you need to ensure that the reviews are related to what your website is about. For the online store blog, also write articles explaining how to use various products and their description.

A comment section is also a place where you can get ideas on what to write based on the feedback given. You may also visit other sites in your chosen niche and see what readers are saying. In this way, you will get ideas on what your next topic should be.

3) Be Diverse

If you have a lifestyle blog, you need to be diverse. You can include an entertainment section where you can talk about famous bestseller books and films. It can also be a great platform to write reviews of the latest movies and their availability.

While writing the previews, you can realize the movie’s main idea and expound on it. If you also decide to write on the latest songs, try and figure out the main idea about the song. You can then use that idea to create a topic of choice and expound on it.

4) Try something different

Instead of just writing, you can also decide to start an audio and video section. After writing each article, you can create audio of it. If you love writing “how-to “articles that require illustrations, you can opt to write an article and create a video at the same time.

You may also decide to introduce infographics, tutorials, and guides that summarize what you have written. This will help you get more ideas by seeing people’s feedback and suggestions. In trying something different, you can also introduce animated GIFs on your blog that can help reduce the monotony of the site.

 5) Picture gallery and portfolio

If your blog is about travel, restaurants, beaches, photography, movies, music, food, and scenery, ensure you have a gallery section. You should then post high-quality pictures on that page for professionalism.

Let’s take the example of a travel blog: make sure you include photos of exciting areas where people can travel and go on vacation. It is also important to say your travel experience to familiarize yourself with the people and promote your brand.

In addition, the pictures will also help interested individuals to visualize how the place looks. Make sure you also create an awesome portfolio of work that you have done.

  6)    Famous quotes

If you want to write inspirational articles, remember to include famous quotes. You can even include a page that wholly displays famous quotes on various topics.

 7) Ebooks

If you have expertise in a certain niche, you should expound on it and write short e-books on the same. You may either opt to make them free to download or sell on Amazon or various book selling sites. However, you should provide free copies to your subscribers, once in a while.

The books shouldn’t be that long, just a few pages. Make it as useful and interesting as possible to make your readers want to read more of your content.

  8) Be generous

You should be generous enough to promote other awesome authors like you. Make a list of bloggers who inspire you together with their blogs. You may not necessarily write their URL address there to prevent being penalized by Google, but make sure you write their blog names.

For this, you can also invite guest posts on your website. This is to help promote other writers and coach them.

 9) Provide information about yourself

It is also important to provide information about yourself that will make your readers have confidence in what you are doing and appreciate. You can also include your success story, achievements, and failures.

Someone can easily approach you for networking through that. Thereby, being a win-win situation.

  10)   Myth/facts section

There are many myths that exist; some seem true while in the real sense they aren’t. You can use them to create some sort of humor on your blog and build a story on that. However, don’t mislead people into believing something that is a lie.

It is also important to have a facts section where you can write on, “How this and that came to be or Why this and that happens”. That will definitely woo your readers. However, remember to focus on facts related to your niche.


These ten tips can help you be diverse and get more ideas each day. However, make sure that you get enough resources that will help you be a better writer. Subscribe to as many blogs as you can and ensure you read all the newsletters that they send once in a while.

Build yourself and also help others to grow in the same way.


  • Don’t start a blog site with the aim of earning money, but start a blog with the aim of helping others to get information and grow.
  • Build confidence and trust in your readers.
  • Post articles regularly
  • Make sure you have a note app or notebook wherever you go, ideas can pop up anywhere.



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