Intela Technologies

Intela  Technologies consists of innovations that work towards making the world a better place. This is by the use of digital solutions that helps make the world a better place. Technology is diverse and knowing how to use the knowledge you have to make an impact is essential.

This is part of Intela  Designs social impact to ensure technology is used in diverse ways to make life easier and help the community.

Zaois Tech – This is an agricultural company that offers digital solutions for agriculture. This is through different means: two-way SMS system, App, Website and A.I image identification tool. Technology is diverse and finding a way to connect it with Agriculture is a big milestone. Thus, Zaois Tech helps to make information distribution easier by providing relevant solutions, services, and products.

Greengold Energy solution is also part of intela technologies that provide alternative forms and production of energy. This is with the aim of environmental conservation and waste management. The team uses technical and mechanical equipment to ensure plastics are used productively to produce energy. Do you have an idea?

Reach to us to help make it a reality.