SEO is the activity meant to increase the visibility of a website or web page in the search results. Moreover, optimization improves search engine ranking, in which your site will appear many times when key terms in your site are searched for. We offer various SEO services:


At Intela Designs we begin our search engine optimization services by:-

Website analysis

Keyword research

Review and analysis of the content on your website

Analyzing your website’s links, images, graphics, images and animations

Competitors’ analysis

Conversion analysis

Make your website professional enough to attract traffic

SEO copywriting (to ensure words on your site are attractive enough to interest visitors)

Link Development

HTML code and structure analysis

Analysis of the Content Management System used.

Recommendations on how to improve SEO of your existing website

This can be summarized as:

Website SEO Audit – We analyze the web pages by checking the titles, content and complete analysis of the website.

On-Page SEO – This entails analyzing the page titles, headings, subheadings, content, internal links and graphics used.

Link development – We will ensure that you have high-quality content that will make sure you get link backs to your site. In this way, you will improve the relationship you have with other companies in your niche.

Content writing – We offer SEO content writing, to ensure high quality and well-researched content on your website. This will help increase the rank of your website in search engines.

Code Optimization -This is to ensure that all HTML codes are up to date and functional. This will help reduce the load time of your website and make sure your content is easy to understand by the search engines.

Check on reports – The reports we will embark on checking include; Traffic reports, ranking reports, keyword research and tracking conversion.

SEO training – We will give you some tips on how to increase your visibility for future purposes and in order to maintain your site and keep it at the top.


Talk to us and we will offer solutions on how to increase your website rank on search engines.