How to stay protected when using a VPN to play Xbox One games

VPNs are usually considered an online tool to stay protected from cyber threats and malware. Well, there is more to the picture, VPNs are a great for fast and lag-free gaming experience.

So, if you are a crazy gamer or love to play games on Xbox One then read this blog till the last. By the end, you will get to know why you need to use a VPN on Xbox One or any other gaming device.

Moreover, when you use a VPN for gaming, all data transmission between the players and the VPN service is encrypted. However, the encryption procedure may take time, and depending on the type of encryption utilized, this may add apparent latency to the internet transmission.

Gaming is fun it takes away all the stress and makes us feel relaxed for hours. However, this fun can be interrupted when the Wi-Fi connections are slow and the games start lagging. This is one of the most hated aspects of playing games online.

Since we are talking about games, obviously it is online gaming and games that work and function on internet connections. No matter what kind of operating system or device you are using, there is a chance that your games might be interrupted for any reason.

Let us dive into the reasons why you need a VPN for gaming.

8 Reasons Why You Need A VPN For Games

It is guaranteed that after reading the reasons, you will quickly search for a VPN and download the best VPN for Xbox One and other devices.

1.      Protects From SWATTING

This is a rare case but safety should always be a priority. When you play games on Xbox or play multi-player games it is anticipated that players often get into fights. This leads to stalking and eventually, the players take their anger out by hacking your IP address and game devices.

That is why you need to download Xbox VPN or install VPN on your routers, mobile devices, and smart TVs. This will allow you to stay protected as this hides your IP address so that players cannot track you by your locations.

So, this is one reason why you need a VPN for playing online multiplayer games.

2.      Allows You To Play Games With A Safe Internet Connection

Players play games on public Wi-Fi connections as well; it is like inviting hackers to your mobile devices. So, when you are out in cafes, restaurants, hotels, airports, or any shopping mall, simply download a VPN and install it to play games.

As soon as you download the VPN, your location is hidden and changed. You get to connect with servers from across the world.

Also, these public places have free Wi-Fi so you are not the only one using it for free, hackers are taking full advantage of this and attacking your system without you knowing. You must have seen ads keep popping up and covering the screen, these are sent by these hackers waiting for you to open them.

However, VPNs have built-in ad-blockers that blocks all sort of malicious and solicit advertisements.

3.      You Can Play Hundreds Of Geo-Blocked Games

Many popular games like PUBG, Pokémon Go, Free Fire, and other games are blocked in many countries. This is such bad news for people who love to play games like these. Well, don’t worry all you need is to download a VPN.

When you download a VPN, you are unlocking worldwide restricted content. Be it games, movies, songs, websites, or applications simply unlock them sitting on your couches. VPN allows you to switch servers and change locations, so when you change your location, you can easily unlock games and play as many blocked games as you want.

4.      Allows You To Play Newly Released Games

Another wonder of a VPN is to play games when they are released a day or two ago but you cannot have access to it. VPN is the key to all the virtual problems, just download and look for the location that has it available to play. Change your locations and set it to the one where the game is ready to download.

That’s how VPN allows you to play restricted and newly released games. You can play all the latest games with a single click.

5.      You Can By-Pass IP Bans

Next is the IP bans, yet another horror for gamers, many game producers use IP bans that people cannot download the game in their region when they violate the rules of the games. This challenge can be overcome too, just get a VPN.

By using a VPN, you can easily bypass these bans because your location will be changed and you get a new one. So, the game manufacturer cannot ban you, but if it happens again, just switch to another location. This way you can use as many locations and bypass bans easily.

So, a good VPN will give you hundreds of servers and you can play the game even if you are banned 50 times.

6.      Keeps You Protected From DDoS Attacks

DDoS attack software is easy to download by simply getting the software. This software is used to attack gamers when they are playing online games. Your opponent can send you a DDoS attack easily as soon as the game starts losing from their side. So, get a VPN avoid DDoS attacks, and play the game in full swing.

Moreover, when a VPN masks your location and IP address no one can trace your actual location and flood it with interrupted signals.

7.      Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

We are talking about VPN so how come throttling can interrupt your game? Install a VPN and avoid any kind of bandwidth throttling. There is a chance that your internet service provider has slowed down your network connections due to heavy traffic. By downloading a VPN, you can easily avoid this and play games without any interruptions.

This usually happens when there is huge traffic on the connections and a large number of users are actively playing games on a single connection. Hence, live streaming and online games need full-speed connections. So, a VPN makes sure that your games are not interrupted by overcrowded connections and bandwidth throttling.

So, when you don’t use a VPN, your ISP will notice that you’re gaming, so they will throttle the speeds established on your online activity. However, with a VPN, your internet service provider will never know your online activity.

8.      Reduce Ping Times

There is nothing worse than pings for a player, if you want to make a gamer devasted just mention ping and you will get the idea.

VPNs can lower ping by delivering a more explicit way between your game server and device. Even if your ISP’s routing is effective, installing a VPN could lower ping time and latency.


So this was all about how VPN helps you play games without any hassle. All a gamer needs is to get a good VPN service that can be installed and downloaded on multiple devices where the players play games.

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