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Welcome to the thrilling world of ultimate drivers. The drive club is a game produced by the evolution studios. The game provides a virtual platform for driving and also riding a classy motorcycle. Whether you are a seasoned driver or a beginner, this guide will help you make the most of your driving club experience


The Drive Club game provides a display of controls to select and learn how to operate a vehicle. Once selected one can opt to change the controls to his or her preferred form in the settings display menu.


If so it happens you’re a beginner a tutorial game will be set up in order to familiarize yourself with the controls and adjust where necessary. It also allows you to get a brief idea or trailer of what will be happening throughout your life career in Drive Club. Also, adjustment of the camera can be practiced throughout this tutorial.


Immediately after the tutorial race you will be awarded a trophy and your progression details will be displayed on the screen to show your level of driving and fame of driving a certain car. In each and every race there are points awarded which are added up to your driver-level skill in order to level you up to the next level.


When choosing a club, research the club and join considering factors like club culture, facilities, and friends. You may also consider creating your own club and inviting your drive club friends to join. This should be done when there is internet in order to connect with other driving club users.


After your profile is generated you will be required to select the type of product you want to use; either supercars or bikes.


In this view, you will be required to select either a Tour where you will gain points by traveling places to perform your races or a single event where you will select a variety. For example, a race, time trial, sprint, or drifting in order to gain your points. For a random event, the game selects for you what to play.


This is very similar to drive club cars where there is a single event, Tour, and Random event. The difference is you will be required to purchase drive club bikes by upgrading your game via the PlayStation network.


The player is allowed to select tracks on where to race, time of the day, time-lapse, cloud cover, and precipitation. This creates a conducive environment for your proffered time of racing.


Joining clubs is crucial in multi-playing because it will create tournaments and championships for racing online against your competitors. The use of voice communication in-game chat to strategize with your fellow teammates enhances multiplayer races and makes them even more fun.


Dedicate most of your time to driving practice and learn how to swiftly drive during a race. You may opt to seek advice from your club, review replays, and see the areas of improvement.


Congratulations on embarking on your virtual driving club journey. Whether you are chasing victories in multi-playing races or fine-tuning your virtual racing skills, this guide will help you navigate the thrilling world of driving games.

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