One of the most sought-after names in the Sneaker world for their authentic and rare collections has to be Flight Club. Fight Club is a marketplace for buying and selling sneakers that has been in existence for the last 18 years. Having been established in 2005 by John McPheters and Darren Romanelli, they aim to link Sneaker enthusiasts (sneaker heads) with sellers of rare and hard-to-find sneakers. Starting from a single store in New York City, today they have locations in Los Angeles, Miami, and Tokyo. Their online marketplace not only sells sneakers, but other apparel as well.

The store is credited for creating a huge following due to its rare inventory of sneakers and is widely considered one of the best marketplaces for sneakers. Their wide selection of rare and exclusive sneakers such as Adidas, Nike, Yeezy’s, and Jordans. The availability of quality and limited edition sneakers, not found elsewhere has played a part in propelling Flight Club’s Popularity and setting them apart from the competition.


Is Flight Club Legit?

If you are paying top money for limited edition sneakers, or a seller looking to make some good money one would be curious to find out, is Flight Club legit? This is a question that pops up more often than not on multiple platforms. Flight Club has been in existence for a while, and has perfected its business model, to better serve its clients.  Flight Club sells both new and used sneakers. The new sneakers are sourced from authorized retailers.

Sourcing of new sneakers is straightforward, they are supplied by authorized new sneaker retailers.  I am sure many of you may be wondering, where does Flight Club source quality limited edition sneakers that are not easy to find elsewhere? For used sneakers, they source from consigners, who are sellers willing to sell on Flight Club. This forms the consignment model in their business.

How then does Flight Club ensure they only source and list only quality used shoes from consigners? Having vast experience in the sneaker world, they have a team of experts who undertake thorough inspections of the used shoes from consigners, to ensure only quality products are listed. This authentication process is key in ensuring quality assurance to customers.

Under the consignment model, the store can offer a wide variety of authentic sneakers in different styles and sizes, due to the open-sourcing. The prices for the used sneakers are set by the consignor, and Flight Club receives a commission after a successful sale. If you are patient and do proper research on the marketplace, you will end up finding an awesome deal on rare and hard-to-find sneakers.


Purchasing your next pair of sneakers from Flight Club.

To purchase products from Flight Club is very simple. Create an account through their website, which is very straightforward. We recommend also signing up for Flight Club News and special promotions, to ensure you are always in the know with the latest deals.

The customer-friendly interface makes it easy for one to search and buy products through the website. Once you find a product you like, add it to the Cart and proceed to payment.

Payment Options.

Flight Club has several available payment options. The first option is using your credit card, which after linking to your Flight Club account, allows automatic payments for purchases. If you would rather opt for flexible monthly payment options, then this second payment solution might be what you are looking for. Available flexible payment options available include Affirm or Afterpay. All you have to do is to link them with your Flight Club account and get to enjoy flexible monthly payments on your sneakers.


Shipping Options.

Flight Club currently has two shipping options: the “Fastest for you” and “Lowest Price” shipping options. Typically, Flight club orders are shipped within 4-9 business days. The “Fastest For You” option takes 1- 4 business days and a 6.5% processing fee is applicable. For the “Lowest Price” it will take 7-10 business days to ship and will cost you $12 on all orders. After shipping is done, Flight Club will send a tracking email to allow you to track your delivery.

In addition to the online marketplace, one can also visit the physical stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Tokyo to purchase their sneakers of choice.

How to Sell on Flight Club.

As mentioned, Flight Club sources used sneakers from consignors willing to sell their sneakers. If you are interested in being a consignor and selling on Flight Club, the process is quite straightforward. One creates an account on their website and then requests a quote for the sneakers they intend to sell. The Flight Club team will then provide a shipping label, and you will be required to send your shoes to their store for inspection and authentication. Remember, not all products sent to Flight Club get listed, some are rejected hence before sending ensure the sneakers are in mint condition.

Upon a successful sale, the consignor will receive the payment for their goods via Bank transfer or PayPal. Currently, account creation and requests for a quote are free. For successful sales, there is a 3% processing fee for consignment sales. For outright sales, the processing fee is 10%.

How to make the best of your Flight Club Shopping experience?

Below are some tips you can apply to get a wholesome shopping experience on Flight Club:

  • Sign up for Flight Club News and Special Promotions – This way you get to know about hot sales and discounts.
  • For items that allow making offers, take advantage and try to negotiate a better deal.
  • Ensure you have done enough research on what you want. Before purchasing ensure the product matches what you want. They currently have a no-return policy, as once a consignor is paid for their merchandise, Flight Club is unable to process returns or exchanges.
  • In case of any doubts, reach out to customer service for any queries you may have.


In conclusion, Yes, Flight Club is Legit and has one of the best shopping experiences for buyers and a streamlined selling experience for sellers. Quality is their top priority, and their wide variety of rare and unique sneakers sets them apart from the competition. Due to the exclusivity of some of the products, competition, and prices may be high. However, with patience, you are guaranteed to find the sneakers that are right for you.


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