How to improve conversion rates of free apps

Today, promotional material and marketing have taken on many different forms. Together with print media like business cards, there is an array of online marketing. One effective method that is seeing a surge in popularity is video marketing.

Promotional videos can be highly effective at boosting your brand and exposure… if used correctly! We look at simple ways that you can improve your video marketing below.

1. Make the content interesting and/or useful

The primary tip for promoting your videos is to make the content interesting! No matter how much you promote or share a video if it’s boring and uninteresting, people will not watch it! Your video content must be engaging. If it is engaging you can post it on Twitter for more visibility. This is one of the best Twitter marketing strategies.

These could be informative videos relating to your products and/or services. Alternatively, it could be how-to guides or even useful life-hacks relating to your business. Whatever the subject, make it fun. Also, give the users real value – give them a reason to watch your video!

2. Create an official YouTube channel as a base for your videos

To create and share videos regularly, you need a basis from which to do this. YouTube is the ideal platform. Anyone can create a YouTube channel for free. You can also personalize it and add things like a business logo, (you can create a free logo using tools like Logo Creator header, and website links.

You can then work on growing your YouTube audience and subscribers. From here, you can also upload all of your videos, and share them using the embedded link features etc.

3. Embed videos in social media posts

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all utilize a simple posting format. You can use these social media posts to include video content. For example, on Facebook and Twitter, you can embed videos into your posts. Simply use the embed link feature on YouTube and share your videos!

It is a well-known fact that images and video content perform far better on social media. Essentially, people do not want to read a wall of text!

4. Use social media “story” features

A popular trend currently sweeping social media is to record short videos via their “story” features. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat all have features like this. In addition to your social media posts and profile, short story videos can be an incredibly useful form of marketing.

You can record these short videos on a smartphone and they take little to no preparation. You could create several short stories on social media each day to promote products, or just to interact with your user base and prompt engagement.

5. Use free video editing software

If you want your videos to make an impact, they must look great and be entertaining as mentioned above. Part of this is utilizing video editing software. Video editing software allows you to exercise your creativity with your videos. You can crop and cut clips, stitch clips together, and even add audio tracks/voice overs.

Did you know that you can get a variety of video editing software for free? Programs like Adobe Premier Pro are fantastic, but also costly. Don’t worry, there are free alternatives available. Lightworks, for example, is an amazing program that allows you to edit your videos in greater detail – for free!

Final Thoughts

Don’t underestimate the power of video marketing. Videos can be highly useful and give customers far more information and engagement than simply written content ever could.

In today’s world of social media, Tik Tok, and YouTube, creating video marketing is a brilliant idea. You can use the above tips to boost your marketing effectiveness and create videos that will make an impact!


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