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We use free web apps for a multitude of reasons; from booking holidays to ordering takeaways. They are used on websites as bonus tools like calculators and website contact forms.

We also use them as design software and word processing applications. Today we will show you how you can improve your conversion rates for free to use web apps.

What are Conversion Rates?

A conversion is achieved when a visitor to your website or web app completes a certain goal. The percentage of visitors who perform this action is called a conversion rate. An example is if a radiator website has an inbuilt heat calculator.

The conversion rate would be the percentage of visitors who visit the site and use the heat calculator. Another conversion rate could be the percentage of visitors who make a purchase or fill out an online form.

The conversion rate is the number of conversions (or actions) divided by the number of visitors. For example, if you have 200 visitors to your app and 50 of them perform your desired action, it has a conversion rate of 0.25 or 25%.

By utilizing your conversion rate data, you can increase your revenue per visitor. Optimizing your website or web app to have a higher conversion rate percentage means that visitors to your app are staying and using what you have offered.

This method focuses on keeping the visitors to your app as users rather than driving more traffic to your free app. This means you can spend money and time on improving your app and their response to it, rather than advertising and boosting customers that way.

How to Improve Conversion Rates

Improving conversion rates with a free web app can be simple. Some are as obvious as ensuring the page loads quickly or that you have marketed to the correct audience in the first place. Below we will look at some ideas for improving your conversion rates.

  • Fast loading – If you have a slow loading web app, people are unlikely to stick around. They will simply move on to a different page. Ensure that your web app loads fast.
  • Select your audience – Ensure you have selected the correct audience to market your free web app too. People who are interested in what you have to offer will create a higher conversion rate.
  • Test – Test your app and test again. Make sure all links and buttons work. If a visitor tries to use your web app and it fails, they are unlikely to come back in the future and try again.
  • Simplicity – Keep your app simple and easy to use. Don’t have visitors searching for how to select something or where to type. Ensure that everything runs smoothly and have an option for help or instructions of use.
  • Contact – Have contact information so that customers can ask questions and provide feedback. This can be a lifesaver if your app stops working or has a glitch, it is like free testing and will help you to resolve issues at speed. A great way to add contact information is a linked image of your business card. You can create a business card for free by clicking here.
  • Pop-Up – Adding a pop-up can improve your conversion rates. However, it is important that you make it easy to close and add a 30-second timer. It can help if you place it in the corner so that it doesn’t cover the screen. Make sure the pop-up is something that is useful to your visitor, not just another advertisement. Follow this link for advice on creating helpful pop-ups.

These are just some ways you can improve the conversion rates on your web app. It can be so helpful and a real boost for your business to do this and you can achieve real results quickly.


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