How to choose a domain name

How many times have you wondered what’s the best domain name to give your website or company? When starting a website you need to find a good domain name and web hosting company. 

Well, you have stumbled across companies that offer domain names that you can choose from according to your niche.You may easily be tempted to choose a domain name that is familiar with a big company which is still okay. However, ensure it doesn’t mess around with the existence of your brand. Let it not be overshadowed by the big company. Luckily, you can use a reputable business name generator to get a good brand name.

Remember that the name showcases your brand, provides a first impression, and may easily affect your SEO. Also, with a website, you will need to keep track of your passwords to prevent forgetting some. You need to consider using the best password managers to prevent getting hacked.

How to choose a domain name.

1) Use the right domain name extension.

There are a variety of domain name extensions such as .com, .org, .net,, and much more. You have to choose one that will relate to what you are offering.

If it is a school choose one that closely aligns with schools. If it is a hospital do the same and so on. Also, you have to realize that some extensions tend to be more expensive than others. Hence, that can also determine the extension you choose.

For example, most NGOs tend to use the org extension. However, remember not to use some weird extensions. Also, remember to use a domain name that relates with your niche. For example if dealing with mental health, choose a domain name that relates to that. It gives people a better understanding of what to expect from your site.

2) Choose a brand-able name

If you have a brand, ensure you choose a great brandable domain name for your company. You may have an already existing company using a certain domain name.

Hence, it may be hectic to find another domain name like that. Hence, you decide to choose another with a different extension.

Let’s say then you decide to use However much you may be using an almost similar name. Choose a name that will showcase your name fully. This may easily mess with your company and be seen as a replicate of the original. Choose a unique domain name to be safe.

3) Use keywords of your Company name

When choosing a domain name for your website, ensure you use a name that clearly illustrates your company. Keywords play an important role in a domain because it tells the search engines what your website is all about.

Also, ensure that the content you have on the website is high quality. If you find your suitable domain name is taken, be creative to combine your keywords.

Also, ensure to keep your domain name short, don’t make it too long. The recommended size is 15 characters less. This will make it easier even for your users to remember.  Also, ensure the domain name is easy to pronounce and spell.

If it has a hard spelling, it will be hard for people to know it and locate it. Also, ensure to keep it unique and brand-able. However, don’t use a trademark name as it can lead to an issue.

4) Avoid hyphens or special characters

In the case that you are choosing a domain name, try your best to avoid using hyphens in your domain name. Most spam domains tend to use hyphens in their website domain names, hence you can be associated with them. Also, avoid using double letters in your domain name.

This is because it increases the chances of you losing traffic due to typos in the name. You will easily lose potential customers.

5) Proper research for your domain name

While choosing a domain name, you need to ensure that it is related to your industry because it ideally gives your users an idea of what your website is about. However, even when choosing also leave room for expansion of your name.

This mainly comes in when you want to have a broader website and cover more topics or subjects, you won’t have an issue. Also, while choosing a domain name, choose one that is unique that is not associated with any spamming activities.

This can destroy your company’s reputation. Alternatively, also use domain name generators to get clever ideas of names that you can use. Also, remember that your target audience also matters when it comes to choosing a domain name. If dealing with businesses, startups, students’ applications, and much more.

6) Buy a domain from a reputable company

Domain names are bought frequently. Hence, when you get a favorable domain name, it is much wiser to choose it fast.

You may delay and someone else with the same idea takes it. Hence, always act quickly when you want to take a domain name. People are always looking for brandable names, hence when you delay you might lose it.

Final Thoughts

In as much as there are many domain names, you can choose from. You need to be fast and choose one that will suit your brand. It is not logical getting a brand name that doesn’t illustrate what your company does.

Hence, always be on the lookout for that. Choose a domain name that will clearly describe what you do. All the best when making a choice.

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