Over the years’ internet marketing has grown drastically. Gone are the days when online marketing was only meant for big companies because of the technicality of the internet. Nowadays, even newbies can engage in internet marketing.

Many people prefer to research on the internet for products and services they may need before making their decision to purchase them. Research is mainly done in social media and through the phone. Public relations have also been enhanced via the internet in which reviews of various products are given and feedback from customers.




It costs less to market products on the internet rather than physically in an outlet. In addition, you may decide to purchase your stock, keep them in a warehouse and when required deliver it to the customers. In terms of cost, as a seller, you may decide to purchase stock when they are on demand to prevent loss.



If you have an online store, it will be open 24 hours a day and customers can order round the clock. A physical outlet is limiting because of the fixed opening and closing hours. Customers also get to browse products they need anywhere without needing to walk around searching for the product in different shops. If the stock has ended, the customer can check another time without feeling pissed off. Due to the revolution of internet marketing, most online store owners offer delivery services.


Fewer barriers of distance

Internet marketing allows one to sell goods anywhere; either locally or internationally. However, if it is a small business, focus on local customers. In this marketing, there is no limitation of the target market or having to think about having outlets in different areas.

Due to the store being online and not physical, it is recommended to have a review and feedback section with a return policy in case the product displeases the customer. If you incorporate advertisement in marketing your products, use of email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and pay-per-click advertisements will lead to more traffic through customers.


Builds relationships

Internet marketing builds relationships between the customers and the seller. This is done by requesting for feedback after the product has been delivered, sending follow-up emails to confirm the purchase and appreciating the customer. In building the relationship, if the customer allows; he/she may subscribe to get updates on new products, offers, and buying tips. If a customer is pleased with the services offered, he/she will definitely inform others about the store.


Personalization and ease in data collection

As an administrator of the store, you can easily monitor what certain customers mostly search for. In some purchases, customers are required to create an account and in this way, their interests are easily noted and wants are fulfilled. Through internet marketing, you can personalize offers to customers by using their profiles to know their purchasing history and preferences.


Use of Social Media

Promoting services and products through social media increases sales by a high percentage. However, this can only be possible if as a marketer, you incorporate social media networking tools in your internet marketing campaigns.


Ability to multitask

Unlike in a physical shop where many customers can’t be attended to at the same time, in internet marketing, customers’ needs are satisfied at the same time. Transactions can be done at the same time without the system hanging or displaying wrong information.


Time effective

Internet marketing is easy to start and use. There are many firms that offer eCommerce website development services and your store will be up and running. With email marketing, you may have an automatic responder for the subscribers’ queries and information delivery.


Quick service delivery

This applies mainly to digital downloadable items; the customer gets to download them with a click of a button. Delivery of products is also done very quickly, even if it is from overseas, the customer will get it in the post office on the agreed date.


Advertising to target markets

Online marketing enables ads to be displayed on web pages. If there is a specific target group like ladies, shoe ads can be displayed on the web page displaying clothes. In this way, the customer won’t have trouble searching for products. This means focusing on the target audience based on their interests.


Presence of Digital Payment Services

In online marketing, payment can be done through transactions, cash, or digital payment services such as PayPal. During delivery, the customer will just have to sign the delivery form without having to worry if the money will be in safe hands.


Advanced Technology

Due to reliable technology that advances with each passing day, be assured that your business will grow rapidly if you strategize well. When it comes to online marketing, you won’t have to struggle when sending 1000 people email, but with a touch of a button that will be done. Thus, instead of using traditional mailing techniques using technology is more effective.


Benefits to the customer

The customer can compare prices and features of various items with ease. In this way, the customer can get clear product information and be updated on the latest items. The customer can also track the purchase and choose when he/she wants the product to be delivered. Customers can opt to subscribe to the site and be getting updates when there are new arrivals, discounts, and special offers, and learn more. In addition, a customer can order or purchase an item at any time during the day.


Thus, Online marketing can be done through:-

Affiliate marketing

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click on Advertisements

Banner Advertising

Email Marketing

Content Marketing


Direct Marketing

Don’t wait any longer, have an online store. Try out internet marketing.

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