Continuation of Online Freelancer Platforms

         16) Simply Hired

It is a job portal for finding full-time jobs, contract jobs, and freelance jobs. It is a job directory platform where individuals can find work in specific countries. However, freelancing jobs are not limited and are accessible for most people except where stated otherwise. Simply Hired includes a blog with hiring tips and facts, a company directory, a working directory, and a location-based search plus no language limitation. It is a platform open for any career path.


   17)LinkedIn Profinder

The pro finder helps freelance professionals to find jobs by linking them with companies that need their services. Linked in has over 420 million members in over 200 countries and thus it becomes easy to connect freelancers with companies based on keyword searches and companies followed. If you are a professional in different fields, set up an account on LinkedIn, find connections, be active, and have an outstanding profile.

Make sure you include your past work experience, current job, skills, rewards, education, and certifications and it will increase your chances of getting connections. Proceed to the ‘Jobs’ section and type your area of expertise and then follow the instructions. LinkedIn Profinder offers an opportunity for both full-time and freelance jobs.



It is a portal for individuals in the tech industry for both full-time and freelance jobs. This platform enables creativity to be converted into services and products and thus promotes ideas. Not only is it a hiring platform, but also a platform for designers’ growth. Designers set their portfolios, which become open for clients to check through and give their comments. This leads to more exposure and the designer gets to know where to perfect and what is the right path to follow. However, clients pay a fee to post jobs on the site, but in return, they get a recommendation of qualified designers with their portfolios plus access to the many creatives.


         19)Demand Media

Demand Media is a platform for creative individuals. It involves writers, producers, photographers, filmmakers, and many more creative artists. You get to work with the site to create unique content, engage an audience, and promote individual talent.


      20)College Recruiter

It is a platform that allows students and recent graduates to search for part-time work or a full-time job in most areas of expertise. Despite it being a freelance platform, it can help you start your career path.


      21)Get a Coder

Get a coder is a platform meant mostly for members of the tech industry; programming, design or content work, and writers. Businesses can get good services from this platform. Freelancers can find serious projects to engage in on this platform.




Project4Hire is a platform that has hundreds of project categories for everyone. You can be able to identify a project that suits your skills and apply for it without having to browse through many posts that don’t suit your expertise. It is great for developers, designers, writers, business consultants, sales experts, legal experts, coders, and more. In order to register, you must pay a fee.


        23)The Creative Group

It is a job platform that specializes in job placement for professionals in creative fields like art, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, video editing, web design, and more. It is diverse for people interested in contracts, full-time positions, and freelance opportunities.



It is among the oldest design-selling portal that was started around 1999. Art wanted allows designers to sell their artwork to interested buyers and has a large community of approximately 37,000 people. In order to be part of the community of designers, you must register and meet professional qualifications.



If you are an expert in logo design, this is the right platform for you. It connects people/companies/businesses in need of logos with the community of developers. It works in terms of contests; in which a client stated the description of what the logo should look like and the designers submit their designs for approval. The best design gets chosen and the owner gets paid.

Apart from just participating in the contest, designers get to build their portfolio from there and get to know do’s and don’ts.


        26) FlexJobs

Flexjobs offers listings for both part-time and freelance jobs in 50 career paths. As a freelancer, you have to pay a subscription fee after which FlexJobs provides a list of jobs after thorough checking to ensure that they are legitimate. This platform ensures that the freelancers and clients connect well and work is done in the best way there is. The service provides skill testing, member discounts, and job searching skills.


         27)Problogger Jobs

It is a platform for bloggers where they can get part-time and remote blogging opportunities. Clients have to pay a fee to have their job offers displayed for 30 days. If you are a talented blogger, this is the site for you.



Crowded is a platform that began in 2015 that aims to avail opportunities for freelancers to get work opportunities. It gets freelance job postings from several platforms and makes them available for its network of freelancers. In this way, it makes it simple to find a steady stream of jobs for freelancers and clients getting their work done in a faster way.



WordPress developers can get jobs related to WordPress such as plugin development, customization of themes, WordPress development, site optimization, and many more. One can work as a freelance, intern, or full-time position.


          30)StackOverflow Careers

It provides job listings of tech companies all over the world. To apply for a job you must have a Stack Career Account in order to proceed on.



In order to be a member, you have to sign up for a dribble pro account and show the hire me CTA button on your profile page. You can, alternatively, go through the job board and find companies that are looking for freelancers. What’s next? Try your luck.



Job candidates can find projects to work on, after registering with a membership fee. Once the company and the freelancer get into an agreement, Freelanced gets out of the relationship. The client and freelancer must be careful during their agreement to make sure none of them gets fooled. The portal is a good choice for remote kinds of jobs.


         33)ProgrammerMeetDesigner/We workRemotely

This is a platform that offers many opportunities for candidates looking for an off-site job. Most jobs are tech-related providing opportunities for professionals in software engineering, web development, web design, copyright and others. They range from design to programming, development, and executive positions.  Moreover, clients have to pay a fee for their posts to last for 30 days.



This a social site where freelancers and employers can meet. After registering and getting an account, you can follow peers with similar skills. There is an area where you can indicate your availability or non-availability, for example, “Hirable” or “busy”. It is also essential to have an outstanding profile to stand out from the crowd.



Crew is a platform that offers opportunities in web design, app development, brand identity projects, some marketing basics, and some more. There are diverse projects that freelancers can apply for.



It is a platform where work teams that specialize in content creation, online publishers, media companies, reviews, and retailers moderators. Large editorial tasks are broken onto microtasks and qualified freelancers get the chance to do the tasks through the website’s workstation platform. The kind of work a freelancer does determine whether they will be given additional work and the compensation to be given. Take a chance and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.



If you are a creative or tech professional, this is the right platform to try out. Moreover, professionals get to showcase their skills to clients. Krop is a job board and career resource website for job hunters; for part-time work, full-term work, and freelance work. The integration in Krop enables professionals to have a chance to work for among the best companies in the world.




It is a platform where MefiJobs members get to search and share jobs with each other based on the latitude and longitude entered in the profile.



Coroflot is an employment website for creative and design professionals. It links design firms with designers with outstanding portfolios. In order to stand out, you need to create a portfolio that has amazing designs that will please the clients and increase your rank.


       40)Peer Hustle

Peer Hustle relies on geolocation; this translates to competing with freelancers in your area for jobs posted by local companies. You have the option of working remotely or in-person and communicate with potential clients in real-time. The gig doesn’t begin until the client funds an escrow account which is released after approval by the client.



It is suitable for people who are looking for either freelance jobs or full contract. Apart from being a job search platform, it offers courses and online training. If you are a digital creative or marketing professional you can find work around the globe through this platform.


       42)Rat Race Rebellion

This is a job posting platform where freelancers can use it to find work, but after contacting a client the other agreements are done between them. Its main focus is on freelancers and work-at-home basis. No fee is paid by either of the parties, but supports itself from other sources on the site.



Dice is a job portal for tech professionals. There are freelancer opportunities basing on the fact that big companies such as and not limited to eBay, Amazon, IBM post their listings there. Members can acquire professional advice about writing Cover letters, Curriculum Vitae, and resumes from here.

Online Freelancer Platforms


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