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How to conduct a code review?

Did you know that it is essential to conduct a code review? It is important to ensure you never go wrong while writing code or when you want to go back to the code and understand what you were trying to do.

It goes without saying that you need to have clean and modular codes that will help you create applications, websites, and software with ease. At times, writing code can be a bit hectic, but if you follow the right strategies you won’t go wrong!

Understanding the code

You need to figure out whether you can understand the code easily. If you can’t easily understand your code, who else will? You also need to use meaningful names to describe the code that you are using.

Use relevant names and variables that are also described on their own. Also, ensure there is a whitespace between the groups of codes. This will help with a better understanding of the code. Try to minimize any duplicate code to ensure your code isn’t bulky and repetitive. Optimize your code as much as possible. If you are not familiar with codes, you can learn from the best code-teaching sites.

 Modules and functions

As a developer, your code ensures that certain functions work. Thus, the codes need to be necessary and not too long. If some code is not in use, instead of commenting and leaving it there, it is more efficient to delete it if you have no plans of using it again.

Also, evaluate whether it is better to use data structures, generators, or multiprocessors to optimize the steps. It is essential to make the code as simple as possible. Just the same way, it is essential to optimize your website for search engines, the codes also need to be optimized.

 Why do you need documentation?

If you are using any complex code to perform a certain task or collaborate. You need to have documentation that will help the other developers to understand what you are doing. This is also essential when you want to deliver some work to a client. In the case that they might need future modifications, this will help to ensure the task is done properly.


If you are planning to use either in-line comments or external comments ensure they are meaningful. Also, ensure that you only write where relevant. If there is no need for one. Just, don’t write! Simplify your work as much as possible.

Code test

In as much as it is important to have documentation for your project, it is important to also test the code in each step. You may write a bunch of many lines of code that won’t work. You’d rather test the code each step of the way. The code also needs to have high test coverage with the tests being readable.

In the case that they are not efficient, you need to make them better. You also need to ensure that the log messages are clear and concise. Also, make them as professional as possible. Do thorough research to ensure you write code that is effective, concise, and working.

Final Thoughts on code review

As a developer, you need to be keen in every step of the way, ensure you don’t write code that won’t help produce an effective final product. The next time, you will be sitting down, with an idea that you want to make a reality, ensure you think twice, and perform a code review to see the efficiency of your code once you are done.

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