What is internet of things

IoT stands for the Internet of things. IoT has evolved with everyone striving to get a glimpse of it. Internet of Things is not complicated, it is how computer devices, machines, objects, and people are interrelated with unique identifiers.


Let’s take the example of a smart lock, you can easily lock all the doors in your home by entering a certain code. Not only that, but you can get notifications when a weird movement is noted in the rooms. Simply, IoT came to make life easier for all of us.

Additionally, IoT allows connected devices to transfer data over a network without requiring any kind of human or computer interaction.  The Internet of things examples consists of web-enabled smart devices that help to make life easier.

The IoT devices share sensor data through the gateways. The devices tend to act on the information they get from one another without needing any human interventions. As IoT technology is expanding, certain things are meant to happen.

IoT security

Security is a major factor when it comes to the use of IoT devices. No wonder, it is important to be wary of how you set up devices, password use, Bluetooth use, and other network connections.

The future of IoT platforms is based on how people are willing to embrace the new technologies and protect themselves from any kind of security threats. Cybercrimes are on the rise and unaware people are easily being monitored.

Leaving your account open on a public computer can cost you more than you think. If you were actively logged into your Google mail account – Gmail that’s even worse. You can synchronize all your contacts, photos, passwords, and much more using it. Try to imagine someone getting access to all that? A disaster, right?

The IoT device security attacks mainly target communication, maintenance device software, and physical attacks. The key things in IoT security are:

1)    The use of default passwords

Once you start using IoT devices you get a default password. However, many default passwords are available on the dark web. The dark web features a collection of internet sites not available on a normal browser. Hence, if a user is still using the password, it becomes easier for a hacker or malicious person to gain access.

Thereby, sensitive data can easily be compromised. It is important to change default passwords and put unique ones. There are various password apps like LastPass or 1password that you can use to save your unique passwords. However, always be wary of the default passwords. Once hacked, the hacker can gain full control of your smart devices.

Therefore, use the password strength checker to evaluate the probability of your accounts being hacked. Say goodbye to “Open Sesame” and embrace strong passwords like a boss! Stay ahead of the game and keep those hackers guessing with rock-solid passwords!

2)    Insecure features

The unpatched hardware has been the primary vulnerability of cyber threats. These are the kind of software and hardware that contain vulnerabilities in a program that no one is aware of. Hence, you can continue using the devices without knowing the damage they are causing.

These unpatched vulnerabilities are what allow cybercriminals to gain access to various personal networks. This leads to a lot of ransomware attacks.

Whenever using certain software or hardware, it is important to investigate how it functions first. This helps you understand it and be wary when an issue occurs.

3)    Flat networks

Flat networks reduce the number of routers and switches on a computer network. This is enhanced by connecting devices to a single switch. This makes it easier for attacks to occur.

Some attacks are caused when an IoT device is connected to a network that has sensitive data. The devices should be segmented from all other systems to prevent damage to the infrastructure. All devices need to be scrutinized to identify the connected devices and verify the approved ones.

4)    Bluetooth vulnerabilities

Most IoT devices often use Bluetooth for connection to a network. However, certain security vulnerabilities could leave the device vulnerable. There could be a network compromise through a Bluetooth connection.

It is important to use a non-discoverable mode when using Bluetooth paired IoT devices. It is important to ensure full security measures. Choose Bluetooth and mobile phones wisely. Also, when gaming, ensure not to be too open about your personal information.

5)    Security monitoring systems

When you decide to get smart locks, investigate the strength of the systems’ security mechanisms before purchasing. It can be troubling to get a malicious attacker getting access your smart locks.

Home thermostats and security systems are other important items in the sector. When installing change the default password to something else.  Remember to create a separate wireless network for IoT devices like your refrigerator, crock pots, and much more. This reduces the chances of one device being compromised and affecting the others.

6)    Laptops and tablet

Whenever you acquire a new laptop or tablet, ensure the default user account is not administrative. You should use a guest account or just another account for checking purposes.

It is beneficial when you use an account with fewer privileges as it will limit how much a cyber criminal can mess around with your computer device. Be cautious while installing new software applications always.

Some home assistants can help you control your smart devices. These home assistants help to control the various smart devices at home. These voice-controlled devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can help you with a lot in the home.

However, there can be a security weak point. This is because an attacker can easily use their voice to control smart devices in your home. You can easily be locked out. Imagine a scenario where someone takes over all your devices? It can be devastating, right?

The possible future of IoT security

  • End-to-end security approach – This will enhance secure communication that will prevent third parties from accessing data when it’s being transferred between two devices or more. The information gets encrypted and only the intended recipient can decrypt it.
  • Reliance on system integrators with clear SLAs of privacy and security – SLAs are the service level agreement that you expect from a service provider. It will provide penalties when the SLA is not adhered to. For example, when personal data is shared with third parties without your knowledge. This is what happens when you shop then start seeing advertisements related to what you had previously bought. Therefore, the SLA will need to be followed.
  • More secure connectivity solutions – Yes at the moment there are secure solutions, but there is a need to implement more. This will help reduce data breaches or transition between unauthorized people.
  • Data analysis, regulations, and security standards deployment. – These will require encrypting confidential data and restricting who can access certain data. This will help to reduce cyberattacks from easily getting your data. There will also be set standards on what can and can’t be done.
  • Increased use of Artificial Intelligence – This is the integration of human intelligence into machines. This makes them think like humans to achieve a certain goal.
  • Blockchains help in IoT security and the integration of both – Blockchain ensures safe and trustworthy transactions. The data is structured into blocks that contain transaction bundles. This ensures more safety.


IoT is essential as it will help to make life much easier and make industrial processes even simpler. There is a need for embracing these various technologies to ensure people live better lives. All these technologies are essential and will make life easier.




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