Types of lawyers

Three types of Lawyers

1)On – Call Lawyers

You might be wondering how credible are on-call lawyers. Well, in most Law based firms, the most qualified lawyers are the ones who offer the on-call service. Most of those lawyers normally have more than ten years of experience in the field.

In addition, the on-call lawyers also have to showcase an excellent client relationship in terms of communication. It also entails, how the lawyer handles cases and does he/she comply with the six-second rule before giving an answer or not. It is vital for the on-call lawyers to have proper emotional intelligence, to ensure that they provide credible answers to the clients.

Most on-call lawyers must also have no disciplinary history of malpractice. They are normally transparent and fair to the clients. Being on-call means that they should be often users of their phones and emails to ease the communication aspect.

How on- call lawyers work?

In the case that you need some help, when you call the law firm, you will be directed to an on-call lawyer. However, before being connected to a professional lawyer, as the client, you will have to answer some questions to be directed to a lawyer who deals with such situations.

Moreover, most on-call lawyers are normally qualified in most topics, and that will ease the connection. In addition, to being asked questions as a client you can ask for any clarification that you might need.

After being connected to the on–call lawyer, you need to ask the questions or advice that you need. You can freely ask any legal question without fear.

Benefits of using an on-call lawyer service

  • You can get access to a lawyer at a convenient time.
  • If you have traveled far, you won’t be worried about where to get a lawyer.
  • With the on-call lawyer service, it won’t be necessary to book an appointment or meet a lawyer physically
  • On-call lawyers are psychologically fit and can never let their emotions interfere with their profession.
  • They provide professional services due to their high qualifications.
  • It is cost-effective and you will get your answers easily
  • The clients will get a variety of options to choose from and can give feedback appropriately.
  • On-call lawyers are a flexible service for both the lawyers and the clients.
  • There is a guaranteed intensive work period


The unique aspect of on-call lawyers

Each project or query that is brought forward will be approached in the most professional manner available.

Just like a physical conversation between a lawyer and a client, in on-call service, the client should clarify the challenge to which the lawyer will assess and give a solution to.

The solution comes after understanding the situation, and cause and providing viable solutions.

As a client or a lawyer, you can be able to bring a balance between your professional and personal life. You won’t have to leave your family to go meet the lawyer and vice versa for the lawyer in some cases.

There is a set of values that are normally acquired with the same quality services. In addition, the lawyer will conveniently do his/her best in the most efficient way possible.

2)Lawyers on Demand

This is a legal resourcing aspect that uses a traditional freelancing model to provide many law-related services to firms/companies/institutions/organizations. Lawyers on demand are experienced professional lawyers who are normally consulted when demand is high. The lawyer-on-demand service normally operates with freelance lawyers.

Freelance lawyers normally work with clients to boost the firm’s teams and get more work done. However, not any lawyer can be a lawyer on demand. The lawyers need to be professionally trained and qualified.

Who do Lawyers on Demand work with?

  • They work with individual clients and any person who is in need of advice or legal advisory help.
  • For the broader aspect, lawyers to demand normally work with businesses (small, medium or large). Any business can get access to a lawyer on demand at a convenient time.
  • Another client is banks; each bank needs legal help from a lawyer who will help the business to thrive well at all times.
  • Tech companies also need a lot of legal help and that’s what these lawyers offer.

All types of companies can get access to these freelance lawyers who will help them solve their issues and queries. They also aid in increasing productivity and improving their lives.

What makes lawyers on demand unique?

Unlike the traditional forms of law where a lawyer needed to sit behind a desk to do the work, freelance lawyers don’t need that. They can work conveniently even from home. However, they need to be qualified to provide such a service.

There are many qualified lawyers who decided to try a different venture apart from law and thus may decide to try out being freelance lawyers. This is because they will only need to avail themselves whenever there is demand.

Lawyers on demand are flexible and normally work according to their schedule and timeline.

Benefits of being a lawyer on demand

  • You can decide to be a part-time/full-time or work-at-home kind of lawyer.
  • If you are credible enough and a team member of a certain recognizable firm, you won’t have to struggle in getting clients.
  • Companies opt to have lawyers on demand because companies don’t always need lawyers all the time.
  • Over time people have started embracing lawyers on demand at a high rate.
  • You will be flexible enough to venture into anything else.
  • The freelance path helps many lawyers to work with big companies they had never imagined.
  • You will be able to balance your work schedule with your family life.

However, even though being a freelance lawyer is good, it still requires the lawyer to be qualified.

Why should you hire a lawyer on demand?

If you are a law firm, with very minimal resources you should hire a lawyer on demand who will only avail him/herself when needed.

Most of them normally specialize in a particular sector and will always fill the gap in your firm.

They are flexible and can always avail themselves when the need arises.


3)Part  – Time Lawyers

Part-time lawyers are professional lawyers who work partially for a while and then engage in something else. For instance, a firm may have certain lawyers who specialize in a certain sector during the summer and others who specialize in another sector during winter.


Most law firms have embraced having part-time policies that ensure an employee can work part-time. This is essential as many lawyers will be able to grow themselves, not only professionally but socially.


Benefits of being a part-time lawyer

If you become a part-time lawyer you will be able to strike a balance between your family life and work life.

In times when you need a break to venture or invest in something else, you can fit it easily into your schedule.

As a lawyer, you will be able to learn more about the surrounding environment and learn the psychology of people.

Expectant mothers will be able to take good care of themselves before and after giving birth. This is because they won’t have to keep on going to the office, but will be able to work from home.

If you decide to be a part-time lawyer, you can reduce your working hours with ease.

However, being a part-time lawyer is not as easy as it might seem. As a lawyer, you need to follow all the procedures put in place.


Why you should hire a part-time lawyer

Hiring a part-time lawyer is also beneficial to a company because:


  • As a company, you will easily fit in the schedule of the lawyer instantly rather than having to book an appointment
  • Most part-time lawyers also work as on-call lawyers, and thus you can get them by a touch of a button.
  • Part-time lawyers are one of the best, as they have diverse mentalities.

How part-time lawyers work

Part-time policies are beneficial to law firms as they get to give more people opportunities. All the lawyers who prefer being hired part always feel valued and their work rights are adhered to.

There are agreements that are often put in place to ensure that if a lawyer doesn’t comply with them, has a case to answer. This is mainly to prevent the lawyers from relaxing too much.

Lawyers who work part-time normally acquire a better communication base than those who work full-time. Part-time lawyers normally agree to work at a specific time or when a firm needs them. This mainly applies to large firms that don’t have enough resources. However, a lawyer and firm should sign a contract to ensure no party goes against the other.

If you are a small firm and would want to hire a part-time lawyer, make sure the lawyer has credible evidence of his/her qualifications. Each and every lawyer normally specialize in a certain sector and may not be familiar with another.

Part-time lawyers should not also have a lot of demands that will reduce his/her working hours by a large range.


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