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Do you know what a brand is? This is how to voice your brand

Voice your brand! Huh! What has come to mind after reading that? Well, your brand talks for you, your business, and all your endeavors. If your brand is underneath, you can’t easily get an audience that drifts towards you. First things first, you MUST have a brand. It is an offense not to have one actually, and I am not kidding.

Well, I have a brand, then what’s next? Ensure it is geared towards what you do, your goals, and what you want to achieve. There are common brands in the market, just to name but a few; Cocacola, Nike, Adidas, Bata, Microsoft, Google, and many more. Whenever you hear any of the brands, it definitely sparks a thought in your mind, and you associate it with their products. Also, for prosperity, you need to master the best strategies to use in brand marketing.

So let’s do this, we want to start a blog, but let’s be realistic the internet is full of bloggers and their unique blogs. However, we also want to start ours, what do you think we should do to ensure we gain an audience too like most successful bloggers? That’s it! It will solve our entire problems, dear friend.

First, I think we should use our social media handles to announce the grand launch of our blog. Grand seems like a huge word, but it is to us. So announcing will help make people curious about what we have to offer. They will be anxious to see whether we will fail or succeed.

Secondly, we need to connect with our audience. We did this initially by looking at the needs at hand and providing solutions for them through our blog. Now, that we have the audience, we need to work to ensure they never get bored. They should always feel happy whenever they visit our blog and feel at home.  This is very evident on successful websites such as voice talent, they know how to engage their audience and always have awesome content for them.

Thirdly, we should always ensure that we have new items for them, free eBooks, offers, and also seek their feedback on what they would like to hear from us. Not one time should we stop engaging them. Our brand needs to have a voice that never goes silent buddy!

I think now we are good to go! Let’s summarize this, announce our grand emergence, work on our content, engage our audience, provide offers for them, ensure our products are evident, and keep our promises. The voice of our brand will always be top-notch and will never drop.

Make sure what you are bringing on board is unique so that your competition won’t be that much. This applies to all businesses and companies. Ensure you tailor all these to fit your users and see the magic. Invest in your brand, and have a proper logo and graphics for it. Let it speak for itself whenever one looks at the graphics or sees your website. Let’s voice our brand!


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Trizah provides content writing, ebook writing, coaching, web development, and ghostwriting services. Her educational background in website design and community development has given her a broad base from which to approach many technological topics. She has also written for Kenya News, and independently on Upwork. She also enjoys embracing innovations, art and new designs :-) Twitter||Linkedin||Medium||Instagram

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