advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing that generates income for affiliates who engage in promoting merchants’ (companies’) products. Affiliates work as a link between buyers and sellers. Engaging in marketing is beneficial and satisfying if as an affiliate, you have outstanding marketing skills.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

The merchants (company)

The merchants get more customers in diverse ways without spending much time looking for them.

Affiliate marketing promotes the merchants’ businesses, thereby leading to an increase in sales and exposure.

The merchant handles all customer support services and thus the affiliate doesn’t worry about it.

Affiliate marketing helps a company (merchant) to acquire new customers in different countries.

The merchants and affiliates.

Affiliate marketing builds reliable relationships between merchants and affiliates.

This type of online marketing increases brand visibility for the merchant and affiliates (win-win).

Affiliate marketing creates a large volume of web traffic for the affiliate and merchant websites, as the ads created by the networks are more targeted.

It is easy to learn how affiliate marketing works . You just need to have remarkable marketing skills on the web. For instance, content you write, reviews of products, traffic on your site, and good partnerships with the firms.

The affiliate

The affiliate marketing programs provide a new source of income, for the affiliates who may be website owners, advertisers, bloggers, and publishers.

Geographical flexibility- As an affiliate. You can work from anywhere; home, at work, while traveling or on a vacation. There is no set schedule for affiliate marketing, and you become your own boss.

Being an all-around clock income generator, you don’t have to set aside a lot of time for it. However, you should set your priorities right for online marketing.

As an affiliate, you shouldn’t worry about having a sizeable investment.

Programs that compile statistics for affiliate sites offer effective and current client behavior on trends and demands at no fee.

Affiliate marketing depends on popularity and thus the more popular you are in your niche, the more you become successful.

There is no income limit when it comes to affiliate marketing, if you are remarkable at marketing, the more you earn.

As an affiliate, you don’t create a product, the merchant provides that for you.

There are various forms of online marketing involved in affiliate marketing, and not only will you as the affiliate make sales, but also acquire more traffic to your site.

The returns are easily visible by the affiliate, and thus you can monitor easily your earnings.

The Customers

Clients get access to their products and services from anywhere they are.

Despite having various benefits, there are drawbacks that come with this kind of online marketing.

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

The Merchants

The merchants may incur high commission costs and maintenance fees for the affiliate programs.

Some dishonest merchants may easily close down their programs without any notice to the affiliates, leading to pending payment of a commission.

Merchants may give false information on the amount of commission they offer and in the long run, reduce the rate.

For merchants, starting an affiliate program may be expensive and also the uncertainties of not knowing how it is going to turn out.

The affiliates

Some affiliates may decide to engage in misleading advertisements, with the aim to earn commission from Ad clicks.

The affiliates may give false recommendations, and reviews for certain products, and this may deliver false information to interested customers.

Dishonest affiliates can easily mislead customers with false advertisements, Illegal use of trade names, brands, and logos for their benefit.

The Customers

The clients may be misled and buy low-quality products.

Other interferences

Cybercrime is increasing with each passing day and thus, link hijackers can hijack an affiliate’s link and earn commissions instead.

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